Sweetheart Bag Pattern

This cute drawstring bag is inspired by an old embroidery design.  It’s the perfect size to use as a small bag when heading out for the night.  Or, how about using it as the decorative cover to a vase or flower pot?  The shape lets you easily place a vase inside it and then cinch the bag closed to hide the vase.  Another option would be to use it as a doorstop.  Knit the bag and then fill it with a small pillow, bean bag, or old children’s toy.  This knitting pattern is so pretty I think it lends itself to being used as part of your home’s decor.  Get creative and see what ideas you can come up with for putting this pattern to use.

Knit Bag Pattern

How to do a Felted Join for Knitting

The Felted Join for Knitting

This technique is perfect for when you want to join 2 skeins of yarn without having to weave-in the ends when you’re done.  For someone like me who hates doing the finish work at the end of a project, this technique is a great idea.  But remember, you can only use this with 100% wool, or the yarn won’t felt together properly.

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