The Knitting Book


If you’re looking for one knitting book that will be your go-to resource for questions, tutorials and instructions, then The Knitting Book by Frederica Patmore and Vicki Haffenden is a great choice.  This book is referred to as the “knitting bible”.  The book covers yarn, techniques, stitches and patterns.  A complete collection of information that allows you to create your own knitting projects and accessories for your wardrobe, or home.

The Knitting Book has an impressive 4.7 star rating and when you dig a little deeper into the reviews, it actually bumps this up to a 5-star book.  One reviewer gave the book 3 stars because as an older reader she thought that the text in the book was too hard to read.  But as far as the material included in the book, this reviewer thought that it was a beautiful book.  It just goes to show you that you sometimes need to dig a little deeper when looking at reviews, because some people take points off for things that really aren’t fair (or that may not be important to you).



What reviewers love about this book:

  • A beautiful, glossy book with tons of information
  • Covers the basics, but so much more
  • Has roughly 20 pages that cover the different methods of casting on
  • Discusses different types of yarns.  You’ll be happy with all of your projects when you choose the perfect yarn to match your needs.
  • Lots of knitting project ideas.  From hats, mittens and scarfs, to tea cosies, bags and baby gifts!
  • Clear, colored, detailed photos to help illustrate everything
  • A great How to Learn to Knit book for the beginner, but full of great information for experienced knitters too.  As a 37 year knitting veteran said, if you only add 1 knitting book to your collection, The Knitting Book should be the one.


Get a Perfect Ribbing With the Italian Cast-On

The Italian cast-on is a wonderful method that gives you a beautiful edge.  With its alternating knit-purl pattern, this cast on method is ideal for ribbing.  You’ll end-up with a cast-on row that blends seamlessly with your band of ribbing.  This cast on knitting also has plenty of stretch and give.


I admit that when I tried this method for the first time it took me a little bit of practice to get the rythym.  But once you “get it”, it really is an easy method.  Watch the video a couple of times (the beginning at least) so that you can see the rhythym of this cast on.  I think that once you see it and get the rhythym in your head, you’ll be able to do pick it up yourself pretty quickly.


In addition to using the Italian cast-on for ribbing, this cast on method is also great for Brioche knitting.

Visit to watch the entire video course and get more great tips to help you learn how to knit brioche.

Learn a New Method of Casting On


Cast-on-Bind-OffDid you know that there are hundreds of ways to start and finish your knitting?  If you’ve only done a standard method of casting on, now is the perfect time to learn a new method.  Each form of casting on and binding off has pros and cons.  Some offer more stretch, while others are decorative in nature and are part of the pattern’s design.

How many ways can you cast on and bind off?  Do you have a favorite?  I use the long tail cast-on for most projects, but some patterns require a crochet cast on that can be removed after you make some progress with the pattern.  My preferred method of binding-off is a method that I learned from Lucy Neatby.  I think that it gives sweaters a professional and polished look.

Hard to believe that there are so many ways to cast on and bind off?  There are some great online tutorials to help you learn a new technique, as well as books that outline a variety of methods.  The Cast On Bind Off book by Leslie Ann Bestor outlines 54 different methods.  Reviewers agree that this book offers easy to follow instructions, along with illustrations to supplement the written instructions.  At a whopping 4.8 star rating, this book is a top-rated knitting book that is a great reference when working on any project.