How to do a Felted Join for Knitting


The Felted Join for Knitting

This technique is perfect for when you want to join 2 skeins of yarn without having to weave-in the ends when you’re done.  For someone like me who hates doing the finish work at the end of a project, this technique is a great idea.  But remember, you can only use this with 100% wool, or the yarn won’t felt together properly.

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Two Color Knitting Video

When knitting with two colors, there are several options for holding your yarn to get the best tension and speed.  This video does a good job of showing you how to hold one color in each hand, giving you the ability to knit without dropping one yarn to pick-up another.  This approach is a combination of knitting continental with one color and throwing, or flicking, with the other color.
Fair Isle knitting and knitting with color really opens-up the possibilities for you.  If you’ve been scared to try knitting with two colors, then try practicing with some swatches and you’ll see how fun this type of project can be.

Want to improve the speed and tension of your fair isle knitting? Here are a couple of tricks that I find useful.