The Knitting Book


If you’re looking for one knitting book that will be your go-to resource for questions, tutorials and instructions, then The Knitting Book by Frederica Patmore and Vicki Haffenden is a great choice.  This book is referred to as the “knitting bible”.  The book covers yarn, techniques, stitches and patterns.  A complete collection of information that allows you to create your own knitting projects and accessories for your wardrobe, or home.

The Knitting Book has an impressive 4.7 star rating and when you dig a little deeper into the reviews, it actually bumps this up to a 5-star book.  One reviewer gave the book 3 stars because as an older reader she thought that the text in the book was too hard to read.  But as far as the material included in the book, this reviewer thought that it was a beautiful book.  It just goes to show you that you sometimes need to dig a little deeper when looking at reviews, because some people take points off for things that really aren’t fair (or that may not be important to you).



What reviewers love about this book:

  • A beautiful, glossy book with tons of information
  • Covers the basics, but so much more
  • Has roughly 20 pages that cover the different methods of casting on
  • Discusses different types of yarns.  You’ll be happy with all of your projects when you choose the perfect yarn to match your needs.
  • Lots of knitting project ideas.  From hats, mittens and scarfs, to tea cosies, bags and baby gifts!
  • Clear, colored, detailed photos to help illustrate everything
  • A great How to Learn to Knit book for the beginner, but full of great information for experienced knitters too.  As a 37 year knitting veteran said, if you only add 1 knitting book to your collection, The Knitting Book should be the one.


Learn to Knit Chicks With Sticks


Chicks With Sticks Guide to Knitting

Happy New Year to you.  Have you made any New Years Resolutions?  I’m not one to make the

traditional resolutions, but I do think that the start of a new year is a great time to set some goals.

For me, that means knitting everyday and updating my knitting websites as frequently as possible.  So I hope you’ll bookmark this page and come back frequently to see what I’m up to and to share your knitting news.

Is one of your resolutions to knit more in 2013?  Or perhaps to learn how to knit?  I think that winter is a great time to learn to knit.  Sit inside by a warm fire as the snow and temperatures fall outdoors.  You’ll enjoy watching the progress you make and hopefully you get your project done in time to enjoy it while the weather is cold.  Assuming you go with a hat, scarf, or some other item to keep yourself warm.


The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting is a fun way to learn how to knit.  Reviewers give this book 4.3 stars for the contemporary designs and beautiful illustrations.  Some reviewers wish that the instructions in the book were more elaborate.