2013 Calendar for Knitters


If you're looking for a new calendar for 2013 and you're also a knitter, then why not get something that mixes these two together?  The Knitting 2013 Calendar comes chalk full with 101 great projects to tackle throughout the year.  I picked-up a 2012 calendar last year and I really enjoyed seeing all of the fun projects that I could make throughout the year.

What I like about a knitting calendar is that it inspires me to knit every day.  Wake up every day to see a new knitting idea.  When knitting is on your mind, then you're more likely to make time for it.  So you won't end the day wishing that you had picked up your knitting needles.

The other thing that I enjoy about this calendar is that it offers a variety of knitting projects, many of which are great knitting gift ideas. Break away from scarves and socks to see what else interests you.

Happy 2013 and Happy Knitting!

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