An Introduction to Continental Knitting

Demonstration of Continental Knitting

What type of knitter are you?  Are you a traditional thrower, or do you use the continental knitting method?  I'm a traditional thrower (English knitting), but have played around with the continental method now and again.  My problem is that I'm a fast knitter, so to make a change is hard.  But this year I'm determined to master continental knitting so that I can increase my speed and hopefully get as fast as I am today.  Well, it's a goal at least.  

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, host of the CraftSanity podcast, visits Lorilee Beltman, owner of City Knitting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a quick “Continental” knitting lesson. As a veteran “thrower” or English style knitter, Jennifer didn't want to pass up the opportunity to see how the other half knit. She brought her video camera along to record the tutorial for all of you.

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