Get a Perfect Ribbing With the Italian Cast-On

The Italian cast-on is a wonderful method that gives you a beautiful edge.  With its alternating knit-purl pattern, this cast on method is ideal for ribbing.  You'll end-up with a cast-on row that blends seamlessly with your band of ribbing.  This cast on knitting also has plenty of stretch and give.


I admit that when I tried this method for the first time it took me a little bit of practice to get the rythym.  But once you “get it”, it really is an easy method.  Watch the video a couple of times (the beginning at least) so that you can see the rhythym of this cast on.  I think that once you see it and get the rhythym in your head, you'll be able to do pick it up yourself pretty quickly.


In addition to using the Italian cast-on for ribbing, this cast on method is also great for Brioche knitting.

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