Best Knitting Projects for Beginners

As a new knitter you may be wondering what type of project you should tackle.  A scarf tends to be a good place for a new knitter because you don't have to worry about the shape of the scarf.  You also don't really have to worry about your gauge because if you knit a little loose, or a little tight, it just means that the size of your scarf may be different than you expected.  But you'll still be able to wear it.  If you work on a sweater, or more advanced project, you need to make sure that your gauge is spot on.

Best Knitting Projects for Beginners

Scarf:  As I mentioned above, a scarf is a great place to start for beginners.  Even advanced knitters enjoy making scarves because it's a great way to test new patterns and stitches.  So once you've knit a couple of projects, branch out and try some more adventurous scarf patterns.  Scarf projects are fun, portable and usually don't take too much time.

Knitting Patterns for Beginners
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Blanket:  Blankets, especially baby blankets, are another option for knitting projects for beginners.  Essentially just a big scarf, blankets are also very forgiving when it comes to tension and gauge.  You can mix-up the patterns and even test your skills working with colors.  Some blankets can be very intricate and more suited for experienced knitters, but simple baby blankets are usually straight-forward and a good choice for new knitters.

Hat:  Knit hats are also great knitting projects for beginners.  A hat can have a very basic stockinette stitch for the pattern, but the shaping and need for accurate gauge is a good test for beginners who wish to try something new.  Knitting a hat also tests your skills in mastering decreasing stitches.  Decreases, gauge and shaping are all important skills to work on before you work on a sweater, or more advanced project.

Handbag:  A felted handbag is a great project for beginners.  Felting is very forgiving, so you don't have to worry about having perfect stitches and even tension.  When you felt the yarn it will hide the inconsistencies in your knitting.  This makes any sort of felted project a good choice for beginners, and a felted handbag is a fun way to show-off your knitting.

Sweaters:  A lot of new knitters are reluctant to work on a sweater.  They think that it is beyond their skills and intimidation takes over.  The fact is that a basic sweater can be very easy.  A lot of beginner sweaters are simply a stockinette pattern.  The benefit of working on a sweater is that you'll gain exposure to a wide array of additional knitting skills.  In addition to working on gauge and tension, a sweater is a great way to test your ability to follow directions and read patterns.

Knitting is a fun hobby that is the ideal way to unwind after a stressful day.  The number of knitting projects for beginners is endless, but hopefully the few that we've mentioned give you some ideas to head out and tackle your next project.  The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong project for a beginner.  If you feel like jumping in and testing yourself with a sweater to start, then by all means do so.  It's what I did when I first started!


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