Chatoyant Knit Vest

This beautiful vest really has a designer flair to it.  Nothing boring, or ordinary about it.  But the beauty is that it's still an easy pattern to knit.  So you get to work on a project that you can whip-up as a gift, or use as an on the go project.  I love the color of the yarn used in this photo.  A pretty purple yarn is a great way to add a splash of color to your outfit, and it's the perfect choice for an Easter or spring knitting project.

Knit Vest Pattern

Updated 11/23/20: Unfortunately the original pattern I shared is no longer available, but I think that this book may offer a good alternative. I love the wrap shown on the cover.

Knitting Wrapsody eBook & Video Download

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  1. I’m trying to find the pattern for chatoyant vest which seems to have been published in 2014. The link listed no longer works. Is there another link where I could purchase the pattern? Thank you.

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