Knitting Trend: Kate Middleton Cardigan

It's no surprise that the hottest design this season seems to be knitting designs that replicate the knit shrug that Kate Middleton wore at her wedding reception.  The white, angora cardigan was highlighted in the [intlink id=”151″ type=”post”]Fall Knitting Magazines Preview[/intlink] that I did last week.  So imagine my surprise when Knitter's Magazine hit my mailbox and I noticed a pink cardigan that is a twist on the Kate Middleton cardigan.

The angora cardigan that Vogue Knitting Magazine offers on its website is more true to the Kate Middleton sweater.  Knit in a fluffy, white angora yarn, this sweater has 3/4 sleeves and a cropped top.  This pattern is really more of a shrug and is perfect for wearing over a dress or blouse.

On the other hand, the pink cardigan highlighted in the new Knitter's Magazine has a longer bodice and the sleeves look a little longer as well.  Some may call this pink sweater a cardigan, while others would call the white cardigan a shrug.  Whatever you call them, these quick and easy sweaters are great knits for the fall season.

These sweaters would make great gifts this holiday season.  Pick-up some yarn on sale this Labor Day weekend and you can have a beautiful, yet affordable gift to knit for someone special in your life.

Happy Knitting!

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